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in the world of photography,  i love three things. motorcycles, biker events and rallies, and shooting bands in concert. i travel the USA for many event and media companies shooting the best of the industries. there’s nothing i enjoy more, and after 29 years and growing, its a passion that isn’t ending anytime soon.

don’t be shy, if you have a question, ask me. if you need a pointer regarding cameras or photoshop, shoot me a message. if you need me to shoot your event, we can work something out.

my adventures have me on the road constantly, meeting great folks, builders, musicians, and characters as you can see below.

concert photography is my favorite, possibly… there’s just something about it that brings out all of the colors of the spectrum.

yes, the below dude is who you are thinking he is, my riding partner in sturgis a few years back.

email me:, i WILL email you back!