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and the winner is…  my motorcycles.  i’ve been in a very long term love affair with motorcycles, and i think it shows. elite studios was the name i gave my first studio, as seen below. i branded everything with that name, and that name will continue. have studio will travel, and i can set up shop anywhere. my shoots are as private as a person wants them to be, or i will launch them world wide. contact me: jack@bikerpics.org is my email, let me know your ideas.


its all about getting attention, right? well posters do just that. yes, these can be printed but their use is for the net, social media blasts, and so on. they are fun to design, cheap to purchase for your event or show, but most important, they paint a picture for the audience you are going after. email me your ideas or needs, happy to help: jack@bikerpics.org



the shooting of live performances is by far on the top of my list. the lights of the stage, costumes, and catching the raw feelings of the musicians in motion… perfecto. need your band shot, well you know where to go.

below is a bit of last nights show with beru revue. wasn’t going to use my small hd video camera, but it did ok, the sound was powerful, kept cracking the microphone.  FOR THE STILL IMAGES, CLICK HERE


obviously my shoots are geared towards models on motorcycles, but are not limited to that only.

have an idea?  send it to me: jack@bikerpics.org    indoor shoot / outdoor, doesn’t matter to me. shy?  no worries, several closed off shooting areas as well.



there is no where i am more “at home”, other than home, then at a motorcycle rally.  i consider everyone that i have met in the motorcycle industry, my extended family. honestly, some of the greatest people on planet earth… that being said, traveling coast to coast is what i strive for every year, and so far, so good. my rally photos span the world, and have for many many years. need a photographer who not only delivers what is promised, and a photographer with outlets for everyone to see your event? i’m here, jack@bikerpics.org