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and the winner is…  my motorcycles.  i’ve been in a very long term love affair with motorcycles, and i think it shows. elite studios was the name i gave my first studio, as seen below. i branded everything with that name, and that name will continue. have studio will travel, and i can set up shop anywhere. my shoots are as private as a person wants them to be, or i will launch them world wide. contact me: jack@bikerpics.org is my email, let me know your ideas.


there is no where i am more “at home”, other than home, then at a motorcycle rally.  i consider everyone that i have met in the motorcycle industry, my extended family. honestly, some of the greatest people on planet earth… that being said, traveling coast to coast is what i strive for every year, and so far, so good. my rally photos span the world, and have for many many years. need a photographer who not only delivers what is promised, and a photographer with outlets for everyone to see your event? i’m here, jack@bikerpics.org